Blue eyes open, staring off into the beautiful world, “ what are you looking at” she says. Its not what is how he replies.

As an artist, I think for me it’s not what I am looking at but how I am looking at it. When I look at the world around me with an artistic eye.

I see shapes colors and details, embedding them to memory. I always enjoy that question what do you see. Cause I can answer in two ways.

Inspired by the world around me

The love of nature and seeing the most highs creation is refreshing and being an artist is a blessing and a gift. Getting out to hike and explore a mountain or a river or even going on day trips to see the world around me fuels that creative tank. Listening to the birds, hearing the water rush over a waterfall or cascade over small rocks in a stream, feeling the cool breeze as it carries the smells of the forest. Basking in the warm sun as it filters thru the trees. I take notice of all of it and being able to experience those places and the natural world around me inspires me from within. 


Looking for a custom piece of art?

I am available for commissioned work, please feel free to send me an inquiry, Lets talk.