Painting for the love of it.

Being an artist and creative person, I enjoy painting the most out of all of the creative outlets I have explored throughout my life.

I enjoy producing works of art that provoke a second glance or a long stair and connects with the viewers.  

Each painting is a part of me and I am always humbled and thankful for each person who chooses to own a piece of my work.


"Three Amigos"

Oil on board

"Last Train Home"

Oil on Canvas

"The Stern Look"

Acrylic on Canvas

"Flying High"

Oil on Canvas

"Standing Tall"

Acrylic on Canvas

"Stop Clowning Around"

Oil on Canvas

"Riding Out The Storm"

Oil on Canvas, triptych

"Bitterroot History"

Oil on Canvas

"Alpine Wonderers"

Oil on Board

Inspired by the world around me

The love of nature and seeing the most highs creation is refreshing and being an artist is a blessing and a gift. Getting out to hike and explore a mountain or a river or even going on day trips to see the world around me fuels that creative tank. Listening to the birds, hearing the water rush over a waterfall or cascade over small rocks in a stream, feeling the cool breeze as it carries the smells of the forest. Basking in the warm sun as it filters thru the trees. I take notice of all of it and being able to experience those places and the natural world around me inspires me from within. 


Looking for a custom piece of art?

I am available for commissioned work, please feel free to send me an inquiry, Lets talk.