Arizona Mural

This is a 80 ft long 9 ft high wall mural based on arizona ideas. all done with spray paint

Local Joint Mural

I painted three side of this 20 ft high build with spray paint. there were some client request for images and the rest I just fill in with my imagination

Steampunk Mural

I was commissioned to paint a steampunk based mural 25 ft long by 11 ft high. 

I did all of this with acrylic paint and paint brushes.

I was also hired to do some interior design. I have experience in helping residential customers remodel their homes and also do the design. 

Schmooze Coffee Shop

the owner of the schooze coffee shop  was looking for an artist and he contacted the Prescott chalk event staff and the lady sent me a message letting me know that the person was looking for an artist. If I was interested I should call the number. So I did. I went and met with the owner and he had a bunch of ideas. So I painted many different parts of the schmooze work space.